The Eaton Center

Project Details


This project included conceptual planning, renderings, design, contract documents, procurement services and construction assistance to create a pleasant and functional building transformation.  The five-story glass fronted elevator design was in response to clients desire to incorporate logo into building design.  Major design components included relocation of major entrances; new ADA compliant passenger elevators; interior and exterior handicap accessibility; new public facilities and major site amenities to create a strong presence to tenants or visitors approaching the facility.

Additional services included:
Provided support and consultation on Operations and Maintenance (O&M) issues. Provided consultation on existing infrastructure (building and site) and provide “brainstorming” designs and cost estimates related to new and potential tenant activity. Prepared plans and specifications for construction projects (heating, plumbing, electrical, roofs, parking lots, site furnishings, landscaping, energy management and other, as needed).  Prepare budgetary cost estimates and make presentations.  Assist with obtaining permits and approvals. Assisted The Eaton Center with the bidding process and answer bidders questions.  Prepared and submitted tabulation of bids, reviewed proof of bidders’ qualifications and made recommendations as to construction contract awards, as requested. Provided intermittent review of construction to determine that materials and workmanship furnished by the construction contractor are in substantial compliance with the contract documents and drawings. New floor tile, carpeting, ceiling tile and interior fire-rated partitions, new interior lighting, new public restroom, new 5-story exterior passenger elevator with machine room, two (2) ADA compliant elevators, new loading dock, relocated and construct main entrance, new entrance canopies, new single-ply membrane roofing (all buildings), new interior and exterior ADA compliant handicap ramps, new privacy fencing, landscaping and pavement, masonry construction and repair and HVAC alterations

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