Johnson City Square Deal Arch

Project Details

National Register of Historic Places, 2001

In 1982, the Johnson City arch near Floral Avenue consisted of nothing more than the original steel frames panning Main Street. The original stones, which had been removed from the arch years before, were in the back field of a local business, in no particular order, and covered with grass.When Johnson City Jaycees, a civic organization, came to Bearsch Compeau Associatesto seek help restoring the arch,Patricia Every requested to lead this project.

Diagrams and charts were prepared and each piece of stone was measured and numbered. Design work included structural repairs to the super structure and new fasteners. A chart of the numbered stones designated the row and location in the row. Drawings were prepared to replicate missing stones. New electric and lighting was specified.

Below is a picture of the restored monument as it stands today, originally dedicated by the Endicott Johnson employees to their employers. The bronze plaques were never located. Jaycee fundraising was insufficient to provide for replacements and the verbiage is long forgotten. Its sister arch is located in Endicott, New York.

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